Yellowstone Lower Falls

Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone Canon 5D II 200mm, f8

One thing I never get enough of when travelling, is the super cool, super huge waterfalls! they are so immense and shake you with their thunderous noise.

The falls of Yellowstone are awesome. There are hundreds scattered around the park. But none as impressive as the lower Yellowstone.

This place has many different viewpoints, all easily accessible  for some great shots. I knew when going here I would end up with the same shot as most people. But it’s what you do with it after that makes it your own. I like to process most landscapes I do in HDR. And most of the time you can get some great results. Especially in the middle of the day. I really wanted to highlight the shadow areas in the canyon. Without blowing out the water from the falls. Sometimes the two ideas never make it in one photo. I’m happy I was able to do it here without much difficulty.

Side note here! This is the Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone area. If ever going there I highly recommend camping here. It can get cold if travelling outside the high temps of Summer. But being so close to the falls is pretty amazing.


The Geyser Stumps

Dead roots in the bog Sony A7 II 147mm, F8

On the road home from the travels I take, more often than not, passes through Wyoming. It is a great mid point in the two countries I travel in the most. My home country of Canada, and America.

Wyoming is full of such great wildnerness. It really has to been seen to be believed. From open ranges rising to thunderous mountains. To sleepy glaciers lakes flowing down to raging riverbeds. It really has it all. But Yellowstone National Park is where everything collides into a massive ecosystem of wonder.

My favourite feature of the park are the geyser basins. These amazing (and smelly!) hotspots are where yellowstone really sets itself apart from every other park in the continental system. And one thing that always fascinates me about them is how they destroy everything around them, yet life flourishes.

On my last trip here I really wanted to get a shot that represented the basins in a different sort of way. Something a little more unique than the colourful waters the geysers are known for. And what better way to show the slow destructive power, than a dead tree being consumed by the bog!