Sunrises and The Caribbean

Sunrise off the Caribbean shore Canon 5D markII 21mm, F11

Photographing sunsets, or sunrises are always a challenge. Even if you know what your doing (or me ;)). You can plan for what angle you want to shoot at, a scene you want to shoot, or during particular weather that you know works well. But the sun is so freaking bright! Depending on the conditions of your lens you can get flare in places you didn’t expect, and may not see through the viewfinder at first glance. Exposing for such things can take time as well that you might not have accounted for. But the results can be pretty stellar.

All conditions aside I knew while I was on vacation with fam on the East coast of Mexico, that I would be taking a pic of either the beginning of the day, or the end. And since I was on the East side, it would be the beginning…

So I went down super early in the morning and set up along the string of hotels that line the beach area. Looked around for something that might make a good comp without getting beach chairs and jet skies in the shot. Instead I opted to omitted everything but what I was focused on getting in my photo. Sometimes filler, is just that. Why overcomplicate things if you don’t need to.

One thing I have learned the hard way in a lot of my early photos, is to not clutter up a scene you intended to take. If this scene would benefit from having someone lounging in a beach chair, than great. But I didn’t feel like that was why I was there that morning.


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