The Patient Forest

The aspen stand tall Canon 5D II 21mm, F16

There is a moment when you are out taking photos in the wilderness, that’s still. Quiet, patient, waiting for that photo to present itself. This is what I love about nature photography. There is no one telling what you should be doing. You need to discover the best course of action for yourself. What is interesting, and what drives you. And from this, the beauty of the world becomes all to clear. Realizing it has been staring at you your whole life, but you never bothered to look back. Thankfully I have had this moment many times in my life. And it has had a profound impact on my self as a whole. I am able to silence the pressures of the world and focus on something simple, pure, and reflective.

One such place that this rings all to true, is Aspen Colorado. Sure it’s probably wonderful in the winter. But I am not the best skier you’ve ever seen. As you can imagine I don’t get that many chances to practice in the prairies ;). So I decided to go in the summer! And I’m glad I did. The mountains and forest of the Aspen highlands can be a humbling experience. The ever changing weather, and forests that are dense and never ending.

There are few trees in this world that spark a true sense of grandeur like the mighty Aspen. They’re shear number alone is daunting. And given the fact that most of these trees come from the same family root, is amazing. Nature’s version of a hustle occupation into the forest. They have totally taken over, pushing out all other trees taller than themselves. Leaving nothing but a silent army of soldiers, waiting…


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