The Abyss of Chaak Tun


Deep in the Chaak Tun cenote Canon 5D mark II 21mm, F16

If you are ever travelling to Mexico and want to know what the best beaches are, or highest rated hotel to stay at, I have no clue. I honestly don’t put much thought into that. But if you are looking for some get away places that are more of the bucket list type than the relaxing, I might have some suggestions.

This place was one of mine. Not the location specially, as I visited many cenotes while on the East coast of Mexico. But the caves themselves are some of the most otherworldly places I have ever been. Being able to swim and travel through underwater cave systems was like something out of a National Geographic. Truly spellbinding. And I don’t use that term lightly, or often!

The unfortunate part of these magical places, is that they are all on private land. It’s the equivalent of striking oil in your backyard. And as so, most of these wonders are subject to amusement park type theatrics. Which as you can imagine, lessens the experience greatly.

The reason I chose to visit this one is because it was the most beautiful and untouched of all the ones I had researched. But because they are on someones property, you are not allowed to wonder around and take all the pictures you want. Especially with a tripod!

So I put on my best smile and very politely asked the guide who was taking us through if I could go back and take a photo. He reluctantly said yes and we ran back in ninja style! Grabbed a few shots and got out while my wife and kids distracted the owners with theirs undeniable cuteness.


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