The Mists At Hunt Lake

Rolling mist over Hunt lake
Rolling mist over Hunt lake Sony A7II 200mm, F8

Well here we are. A long time coming first post on a second iteration of a bendinglife site. I have learned a lot, grown a lot, and changed my goals quite a bit since I first started this photographic journey. And with this the growing continues. So without further rambling and existential incoherentness lets start right down to it!

I thought I would start where I have come to and work backwards. Makes sense right? Sure its does! This is a fun one I like a lot. I started the morning super early on my day off and headed out on a “short” drive to the border. This in my opinion is where nature starts to get much more interesting than the farm fields I am used to that surround the city. And I was not disappointed when I got there.

Not much earlier than actual sunrise I got to a great lake in the area and notice this amazing fog that had rolled in from the forests frost, defrosting in the days coming heat. It was incredible! I had never seen it this intense before. It was like clouds sitting on still water. Truly wondrous for sure. So I got out took some shots on the chilly air, jumped back in the car and headed to the hike that I had planned out on google maps the night before.

Not far up the road I got to the dead end that was the start of a 6 hour hike alongside a very secluded and serene little lake. I did not plan to do all 6 hours as I had to actually get back and do some work that afternoon, and I had that short drive to get through as well. Did I mention it was my day off? Oh well…

As I start the journey I knew I was in for something because the first few feet were visible… then nothing. I actually had to punch through the forest for a little bit, unsure of the fact the trail was still there. Sure enough it opened up again and was pretty awesome I must say. For someone living in the prairies, going uphill and dramatically downhill, is a pretty great treat! I know that sounds lame, but please bare with me on this one.

So the trail winds and climbs and gets to the lake. Hunt lake is the name of it, and it was quiet. I mean hear a pin drop quiet. The were no cabins or life at all where I happened to be. Sometimes this worries me a little because there is always the chance that a bear is lurking around somewhere in the early light. Tricky guys I tell ya! This is  about the time I start talking to myself, just to make some kind of sound that might alert something to my presence. After all I don’t carry a firearm, and have only moderate ninja skills with a tripod 😉

I must have taken about 200 shots here over the next hour and a half that I traversed the trail down by the waters edge. This has to be my fav from the morning. And it is always worth noting that we are not in the film days anymore. If it takes 200 shots to get 1, that’s what it takes. Or maybe we just pickier as we get further down this rabbit hole called photography.